Adventure 1: Goblins and the Dragon

Following is a report of the first adventure of our group. At that time the group consists of; Bottle (Rogue), Dwell (Fighter), Artharius (Wizard).

Adventure level 1.

The adventure starts at the City of Splendors; Waterdeep. The PC’s meet in the tavern the Lion and the Unicorn, and introduce themselves to each other. They all get an assignment from their masters to protect the nearby village Barrow’s edge. Barrow’s edge is being attacked by goblins recently and the goblins normally don’t show this bad behaviour. The goblins attack traveling salesman on the roads near the village as well.

On the road to the village, the party meets a salesman with a cart. The salesman is being attacked by a group of goblins, and some elven guards try to defend him. Most of the elven guards are already lying unconscious on the ground. The brave heroes from Waterdeep slay the remaining goblins and stabilize the wounded elves. After the fight the party continues together with the wounded elves in the cart and the salesman next to them. When the party arrives in the village, first thing they look for is a temple to heal the elves. After the temple the party goes to the local hostel to find a room.

In the hostel the party gets a free room, because they are there to help the village. They meet an old city guard that explains them the situation. They also meet the major of the village who tells them he will reward them if they can solve the problems.

Next night, the pgoblinarty goes out of the town to see where the goblins are coming from. After a long time of searching, they find a cave opening. The party sees various shadows inside the cave and they find out that there are a lot of goblins inside. After a lot of fighting the party has to retreat to the village because of too much goblins.

After a good night sleep and another visit to the temple, the party goes to the cave in the evening to continue the fight. The party enters the cave and a bugbear and some goblins start attacking them. The party is on the loosing hand when suddenly a monk appears from nowhere. Together with the monk (Melandrach), they kill the bugbear and continue down the cave. After some small fights the party enters a room with a giant monster in it, but the monster (a Troll) is sleeping soundly and the party manages to go around it without waking it up.

Continuing in the cave they enter a rosmall_green_dragonom guarded by a screeching mushroom. Inside the room a goblin wizard starts to attack the party. After a touch fight the party manages to kill it and Artharius gets the wand of the goblin wizard (wand of magic missiles). Close to this room the party finds a nice room with Dwarven carvings in the walls and a small fountain. Here the party finds a secret compartment with a nice armor in it. After some detect magic and testing the fountain seems to contain healing powers. The party uses the fountain several times to gather some strength before continuing.

At the end of the cave the party finds the source of all the trouble. The goblins are commanded by a dragon! A very tiny dragon, but still a dragon. Due to resist poison potions, the group manages very well against the dragon and after a short fight the dragon lies dead above its treasure. The PC’s loot the hoard of the dragon and return to the village, where they get some gold from the major and many many thanks for saving the village.

At the end of the adventure Bottle Beerbrewer decides to leave the party to do other business.


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