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Adventure 6: The Green Light

Babau, monster

Adventure level: 2-4

Group: Jandaniel, Billy, Sarie, Wandalove, Narfonic, Caelis.

The group returns to it’s own time zone at Waterdeep with the help of Alexandro (see Adventure 5). Artharius leaves the group to study at the Mages Guild and learn more spells and information about Time Magic. Jandaniel visits the Church of Lathander to give a donation. He gives his part of the magical mirror pieces, coming from Lothar’s cloak, to the church. The priest tells him, that they will make a Mirror of Scrying from those pieces and he will give Jandaniel the mirror after a week. The rest of the group tries to sell their part of magical mirror pieces at the Mages Guild, and they make some money.

Billy goes for fight training against a fighter, named Richard, from the fighters guild to the forest ou...

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Adventure 5: Time Magic

Adventure level: 2-4

Current group: Artharius, Billy, Dwell, Caelis, Jandaniel

Back at Waterdeep from previous adventure (Adventure 4), the group goes to the main market to sell and buy equipment. After the market they go to the guild of mages to see if someone is interested in the magic mirrors and glas pieces they found. Arriving at the guild, they meet Artharius. Artharius is blinking purple every few seconds and when not being purple he is invisible! This effect is due to the initiation ritual that Artharius had to do to join the Mage guild. He had to drink two random potions and the effects are visible. The cat Falathiel, the companion of Artharius has the same funny effect...

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Adventure 4: Temple of the Sun

Adventure level: 2-4

Current group: Tas, Melandrach, Billy, Jandaniël, Dwell, Caelis

The adventure starts in Waterdeep. With the recent death of the Priest Damsel, the group is mourning and sad. They discuss whether or not Damsel should be revived, but decide that Damsel would not want this since it is not natural. They bring his body to the temple of Pelor where his remains will be burned in a ritual at noon. In the tavern the Lion and the Unicorn, the group meets a young Priest of Lathandar named Jandaniël. The PC’s start talking and Jandaniël that would love to join the city guard one day, decides to join the group for now to get some experience.

When the group goes to the city counsel to collect their reward from previous mission, the group is given a new assignment to visit the moo...

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Adventure 2: Cacoa

Adventure level: 1-2

Group:  Artharius, Melandrach, Tas, Billy, Dwell and Damsel

This adventure starts in Barrow’s edge, a village close to Waterdeep.  Artharius, Melandrach, Tas, Dwell and Damsel enter an armor shop to sell some of their gathered treasures and meet Billy Bonecrusher. After a short conversation the half-orc barbarian Billy decides to join the group of adventurers for treasure and glory.

In the next shop, the PC’s meet an odd dressed wizard. After talking to the wizard, it seems he has an interesting errand for the group. The party has to retrieve a rare powder. The wizard will teleport the group to the location to get the powder and after retrieval the group can return. The wizard teaches Artharius permanently the spell Comprehend Languages (2x per day).

Cocoa-powderAfter agreein...

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Adventure 3: The salesman

Island Map

Adventure level: 2-3

Current group: Melandrach, Artharius, Damsel, Billy, Dwell

The group starts this adventure in the capital Waterdeep, city of Splendors. In the city there are rumors of multiple thefts the last time. No valuables are stolen only building materials like wood and stone. The PC’s decide to investigate this problem and they make a list of the stolen goods and their owners. Quickly it becomes clear, that the goods were stolen with the help of some kind of teleportation magic.

The thieves guild looks to be innocent this time. The group followed a tradesman that might have to do with the thefts and when they reached the trade district of Waterdeep, the group was ambushed by the thieves guild, who tried to ambush the tradesman instead...

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Adventure 1: Goblins and the Dragon

Following is a report of the first adventure of our group. At that time the group consists of; Bottle (Rogue), Dwell (Fighter), Artharius (Wizard).

Adventure level 1.

The adventure starts at the City of Splendors; Waterdeep. The PC’s meet in the tavern the Lion and the Unicorn, and introduce themselves to each other. They all get an assignment from their masters to protect the nearby village Barrow’s edge. Barrow’s edge is being attacked by goblins recently and the goblins normally don’t show this bad behaviour. The goblins attack traveling salesman on the roads near the village as well.

On the road to the village, the party meets a salesman with a cart. The salesman is being attacked by a group of goblins, and some elven guards try to defend him...

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