Adventure 6: The Green Light

Babau, monster

Adventure level: 2-4

Group: Jandaniel, Billy, Sarie, Wandalove, Narfonic, Caelis.

The group returns to it’s own time zone at Waterdeep with the help of Alexandro (see Adventure 5). Artharius leaves the group to study at the Mages Guild and learn more spells and information about Time Magic. Jandaniel visits the Church of Lathander to give a donation. He gives his part of the magical mirror pieces, coming from Lothar’s cloak, to the church. The priest tells him, that they will make a Mirror of Scrying from those pieces and he will give Jandaniel the mirror after a week. The rest of the group tries to sell their part of magical mirror pieces at the Mages Guild, and they make some money.

Billy goes for fight training against a fighter, named Richard, from the fighters guild to the forest outside Waterdeep. There they encounter a bear chasing a druid! Billy goes after the bear trying to save the druid, in his haste he hits his trainer Richard with his elbow in the eye. After a short fight they kill the bear, and they start speaking to the druid. The druid’s name is Sarie and he was having a camp in the forest, while being in his way to Waterdeep. They speak a bit and notice quickly that their personalities are very different, Billy a half-orc barbarian, who sees the forest as his storage place of food and lumber, and Sarie, on the other hand, a druid that is trying to be inited with Nature and spares the living animals inside it. They notice they can learn a lot from each other and since they both seek adventure, they return to Waterdeep together.

After two weeks of training and visiting their masters they meet again in ‘The Lion & The Unicorn’ (a tavern in Waterdeep). A few hunters are sitting also there, so Billy tries to get information from them. It seems that Fearun is in a war with the Drow (dark elves). The previous adventure changes a few things in history and one of the effects seems to be this war. Billy wants more information and tries to impress the hunters by showing his muscles. When this does not work much he cuts the table with a single hit, with his great axe, in two pieces. The hunters scared, by this brute violence, stand up and walk away from Billy. The tavern owner immediately comes to Billy and starts yelling at him. Billy pays the good man for his table and has to leave the tavern.

The group follows Billy and they wander in the city looking for an adventure. They decide to go to the city guard and ask if there is any interesting work they could do. The city guard is currently recruiting new members, and Jandaniel is very happy with that! His dream is to join the city watch and be a defender of Waterdeep. He wants to sign in the complete group, but most of the group members do not want to be part of this and say they want to do an adventure. After a long discussion Jandaniel and Caelis sign up to join the City guard for next year.

When they return to the tavern, a black dressed figure appears in one of the streets before them. Telling them: “I heard you search for an adventure, come to the docks at building A2 this night.”. The man disappears as fast as he came without further explanation. The group goes first to the City Counsel, since they took their previous quests from them. The City Counsel tells them they are missing a detachment of warriors they send to the north east to investigate rummors about dark sorcery.  If they can find out what happened to this detachment and solve the problem, they would be paid thousand gold pieces per person. Half of the gold they receive in advance, by accepting the mission.

In the night, Billy, Caelis and Sarie go to the docks,  building A2. The door seems to be open and they only see a table in the middle of an empty room. Meanwhile, Jandaniel went to the Tavern to get a room and sleep. In the tavern he meets a warrior that is fixing the table that Billy broke. Jandaniel starts talking to the warrior, and the warrior’s name is Narfonic. They speak about the table, why it is broken and why the warrior is fixing it. It appears that Narfonic is searching for a job or adventure to gain some money and that he is fixing tables and doing other simple jobs to survive. Narfonic decides to test his luck and join the adventure party.

At the docks, Billy, Sary and Caelis find a golden magical coin in the middle of the table. Caelis also finds a secret compartment in the table, where he finds a pouch with some gold and silver coins. When Billy touches the coin he sees a vision. He travels on the back of a huge eagle, and flies over the great desert Anauroch. In the north east of the desert and over some hills and forests, the eagle enters a cave. Then the vision changes and Billy is inside a cave room. He sees a Drow wizard casting a spell in front of an altar and a black orb. From the orb, dark shadows emerge and rise to the ceiling. At the left of the wizard, stands a man that Billy recognises as the man, that spoke to the group in the alley. The man seems to be bound by the hands and be enslaved to the wizard. The wizard continues to cast the spell, but something seems to go wrong. The wizard looses the control of the energy emerging from the orb. The slave sees what is happening and runs for his life. Then the vision becomes dark, and Billy goes outside the cave again. On the land above the cave, he notices a green light that starts emerging from the land. Whatever the light touches dies instantly and this light is slowly spreading. At that time the vision ends and Billy is again in the room at the Waterdeep docks.

He explains what he saw in the vision to the other guys and they think it might be connected to the lost detachment. They return to the tavern and meet there Jandaniel and Narfonic, that are chaffering and drinking beer. The group decides to travel the next morning and buy some horses before they go. The next morning they buy 2 light horses and a cart from the stables just outside the main gate of Waterdeep. They want to go as fast as possible to the direction of the vision and decide to travel trough the High forest. This route is the shortest but also not at all the safest. Before they enter the forest, the group has to stop for while as a “fallen” tree is blocking their way. By the cart’s halt, two Goblins  jump from the back of the tree and ask for twenty gold pieces to pass this part of the road. The group refuses and attacks the goblins. Two more goblins appear behind the trees and one of the goblins is casting spells. The group has a difficult fight and spends more than 200 gold coins on CLW (cure light wound) potions. But they win the fight and can travel soon enough without paying the goblins anything. At the end of the fight, they camp in the forest and Billy and Caelis go hunting. They find some deers and manage to shoot one. Billy cuts of the head and starts preparing the meat. They take the deer without the head to the camp, but just before they leave they see some wolves approaching the dead deer head.

During the first night watch of Billy, wolves approach the camp. Billy, thinking the others wake up because of the noise, starts attacking the wolves and is soon surrounded by 3 of them. The fourth wolf tries to drag away the dead deer from the camp. Billy and the rest of the party that is waking up slowly, is fighting bravely and kills two wolves before the rest of them run away in fear.

On the day after, while walking in the forest, the group listens a soft beautiful music coming from the trees ahead. A young lady is sitting on a tree stump playing a flute! The party approaches and asks the lady what she is doing in a forest like this. The lady, called Wandalove Windsailor, is a bard and travels from city to city to let people listen to her songs and gather information and rumors. Wandalove listens to the story of the group and asks if she might join the adventure to get more experience and travel to new destinations. The group accepts and they continue together.

When the party continues, the path comes to an end at a river. They have to cross the river to continue and they do so, when they find a folding boat (magical item in the shape of a box) that helps them accomplish this. After some hours of walking, Caelis notices that the big coin in his pocket starts to vibrate in a slow pace. The vibration becomes more heavy and fast when they continue walking. After some time they reach a point at the path, where the vibration becomes a lot less, they discover a small side track to the right where the vibration becomes strong again and the group decides to follow this path. They leave the cart behind under a layer of leaves, and they go one after the other in the small side path.

At the end of the path they enter an open field with three huge stones in the middle. After the stones a ‘hobbit like’ house can be noticed, made by wood, grass and sand, decorated entirely with skulls and bones. A Sphinx is sitting on top of the middle stone and awaits the party.

“If you want to pass and find whatever it is you seek, you have to answer three questions correctly. For each answer failed to be given in time (10 min), another challenge awaits you.”, the Sphinx said. The party agrees and waits for the first question.
“Always smiles or maybe frowns, Sinks in water, never drowns. Catches prey on its barbed teeth. Hunts all day but never eats”.
After some time Caelis comes with the correct answer: a fishing hook! “Good”, the Sphinx says, and the first stone changes into a giant fishing hook and disappears.
“The second question: I have no fearsome claw or bite, yet all flee from my black and white. To provoke me makes bad sense, to them that knows my best defense.”
This one is easy, Caelis says, its a skunk! “Very good!”, the Sphinx says, and the second stone transforms into a bunch of skunks that run into the forest. “Now the last and most difficult question of them all:”
“Inside the house is what I protect. It is magical and blind, but sees more then you expect. We call it a name her obsession defines. What is it?”

The group starts thinking, they try various options but none of them seems to be correct. The time is almost over and they still don’t know what it is!..
“Time is up!” the Sphinx says, at that moment the stone transforms into an old lady decorated with bones and where the eyes should be, only black holes could be seen. The bone lady starts attacking the party. They fight the old lady and win after some trouble with weapons getting stuck in the grease that covers the lady. The party enters the house and finds a similar looking, but more friendly lady. The lady tells them that what they need to complete their quest, is a magic item. She hands over a vial with green liquid on a chain. When you need to use this item you will know what it does. Follow the rumors and the green light will not be far away. After moving out of the house, the house disappears into the earth.

On the third day they meet some Aarakocra, ‘big bird like’ creatures that live near the mountains in the High Forest. The Aarakocra warn them that an evil spider nest is ahead on the road, and that they should take another smaller path to avoid them. The group decides to face the spiders and to deal with them so that next travelers will not be bothered by them. The Aarakocra agree that this would be a nice plan and will provide air support to the group. They make a plan to use the staff of entanglement that they got from the 3th adventure and set a part on fire when the spiders are trapped. Caelis sneaks nearby the main nests of the spiders and casts entanglement. When he returns to the group some spiders have spotted him and a couple of monstrous spiders start attacking the group. The spiders have some nasty poison that makes you bleed for some minutes and some even more huge spiders come as well. In the mean time, Sarie sets a part of the forest on fire and kills many smaller sized spiders. A swarm of tiny spiders, partly killed by the fire reaches the group as well and a long touch fight is ahead. The Aarakocra give some help by throwing javelins at the big spiders and after a while the last spider is killed.

The day after, the group finally reaches the end of the High Forest. After some hours they see smoke on the horizon, and when approaching, a small town becomes visible. Some of the buildings are burning and many wounded and dead “soldiers” are lying on the ground. Most of them are human and Drow, the humans are more farmers than soldiers though. The group asks what happened to one of the soldiers that is still alive. “The town was attacked by dark elves this night”, he explains, “if the wizard was not here, we probably all were dead by now.” The group asks a bit more and finds out that a wizard was visiting the town by chance, and helped them greatly during the fight. They go to the local tavern to search this wizard. At the tavern they find him quite fast and after a bit of chat they bought some scrolls from him for a good price. Next day, the party buys several camels and water sacks in preparation of crossing the great desert. They travel in a straight line to the north east, and avoids the southern road. After two days of traveling they see horses approaching them fast. The group takes a defensive position. The riders seem to be from the Bedine tribe. These people are very friendly and take them to their sheik at their village. The village is located near a big oasis, and the group refills the water supplies. The sheik, a big man with heavy golden chains around his neck is a friendly man named Udohand Tumblebelly. He offers the group food and advices them to take one of his men to guide them into the desert. This is, of course, for a small fee in return. They agree to this and the next day the group meets Gurkahn Fiedlerson, the guide. Gurkahn leads them from oasis to oasis, and the only obstacle they encounter are Asabi, reptilian creatures that wait below the sand to jump up and surprise lonely wanderers.


Asabi, see Monsters of Fearun page 15

A few warm and dry days later, they arrive to a more rocky environment and in the night they see a yellow light coming from one of the rocks. Inspecting this light more closely, they find a small cavern that is half collapsed. Inside the cavern a huge mirror can be seen that emits the yellow light. The room is obviously magic, and the party decides to leave the cave alone and block its entrance with big stones, just in case.

The following morning, a beautiful lady is standing on one of the desert hills, she is looking the other way and doesn’t seem to notice the group. The guys from the group start drooling and want to approach her. Suddenly, Billy is attacked from behind by a creature, half girl and half panther. A tough fight starts, and Billy, slowly drained from his intelligence by the magical attacks of the Lamia, is getting badly wounded. In th end, they manage to kill her, with a bit of help from Gurkahn as well.

The rest of the nights and days in the desert nothing mentionable happens and they say goodbye to Gurkahn. The guide explains them how to go on to the nearest big city to replenish.

The party heads to Dagger Falls, the main city of the Dagger Dale. On the road to Dagger Falls, the group sees a group of riders with


Lamia, a creature from Anaurach

the emblems of Dagger Falls, riding quickly past them into the desert. Before they cross the river in front of the Dagger Falls gate, the group stays for a night in the Teshford Arms Inn. Caelis starts to gamble with the few rangers that are drinking beer at the inn, and the rest of the party goes to sleep. The next morning they continue to the city gates, and see many colorful tents and pavilions just outside the city. It seems that a tourney is going on! Jandaniël visits the church of Lathander (Lathander’s Light) to complete a part of his side quest for his shield. And some of the group members look for the market to buy some new items. Narfonic buys a few Alchemist fire for a lot of gold.

Billy wanders around, and finds a boy that is giving away invitations to the arena! He decides to participate to the arena and so does Narfonic, for the upcoming 1vs1 battle the next day. The group gathers together in the tavern when the evening falls, and hear that Billy and Narfonic will fight tomorrow in the arena. They decide to go to watch and support them. In four epic battle rounds, where Narfonic and Billy fight against a lot of different enemies, ranching from Orc Fighters, to elf wizards, Narfonic fails in the third round but Billy wins everything and becomes the new Champion of Dagger Falls Arena!

After this achievement the party continues to their main objective, finding the green light. Due to Wandalove, that spoke with a lot of people in Dagger Falls, they know that the light has been seen in the north, just behind the first mountains. They travel north over the road, and after three quiet days of traveling they encounter Zhentarim riders. The Zhentarim tribe, controls these roads and they have to pay toll to pass them. Wandalove charms the leader of the Zhentarim and the group only needs to spend a few gold coins to continue.

The first mountains come in view, and before they know it they are walking in the mountains. Past the first mountains, plain deserted land starts and when they move on, a green wall of light can becomes visible. Behind the light everything is blurred and they cannot see much. They try to go closer to the light and start lisening to voices of people they know and love. The voices are calling them to enter the light, to come closer. They resist to the voices and quickly step back, Billy is not able to resist the voices at first, but because of Wandalove’s counter song, he is able to resist it after all. One of the camels, however, fails to resist the voices and starts running towards the wall. Before it even completely enters the light, only bones on the ground mark where the camel once was. They start to discuss the problem, and after a while remember the magical item the bone lady gave to them. They try to approach the wall with the magical vial, and a bubble appears around the vial with a 20 feet radius. Enough to fit the whole group, and they also find out due to some experiments of Caelis and Narfonic, that when you touch the vial the voices stop for a few minutes. They continue traveling trough the green light, handing the vial to each other and being bound to each other in a circle, in case someone loses control of his mind. After one day of slowly traveling towards the center of the green light area, they encountered hell hounds and skeletons, which they defeated without much trouble. Jandaniël used the ability turn undead on some of the skeleton effectively and even avoided a fight like that. At the start of the evening they find a cave entrance, where the light seems to be even stronger. They enter the cave, and the path goes down by means of stone stairs. At the bottom of the cave, the light seems to be gone, and the voices do not reach here. Billy remembers this is the cave from his vision, and that this is the place where they have to stop the green light from spreading and destroying the world.

In the cave they find a kind of living room with several tables, broken chairs and a bed. The group finds various magic items; scrolls, potions, an ever-burning torch and some gold. On one of the walls a riddle is written in elfish: “When spoken out loud, it ceases to exist.” Below the riddle is a standard with a hole on top, like an item is missing. At the base of the standard is the letter T written. In a small corridor at the right end of the room they find a corpse of an adventurer. The adventurer has a small metal box with him that is locked with a combination lock of 5 letters. At the floor of the room, just before the cave continues, the party finds the text: “Fire – Air – Water – Earth – Death“. They fear it is a warning of what is to come, and they find out quickly that the next part of the floor are trapped and activates fire valves in the walls. They sprint or jump one by one trough the fire trap and this way they minimize the damage. At the other side of the trap the hallway bends to the right and continues. After a few meters they find the next trap and poisonous gas comes down from the ceiling. They hold their breaths while they continue and are able to avoid any damage! At the end of the hall they see deep water and all of them have to swim. They use a rope to carry their armor with them and after some struggle they come to the other side of the water. The hall bends to the right again and this time it is a mud pool they face. The group is frightened by the mud and thinks it might be quick sand. Carefully they try some options till they realize they can just walk trough it, only the more heavy members need to take some time to finally reach the other side. They continue in the hall and after some meters the walls seem to disappear.  The hall seems to be endless and they are now walking on a small path with blackness on every side. The group walks for some hours and comes to the conclusion that they are in some kind of magical trap. They try to lower Caelis by a rope, down from the path. When Caelis goes down, he sees that he actually just returns to the normal hallway and that everyone of the group is floating in the air. They carry him up again and Caelis explains they just need to jump! The group jumps off the path and can continue. After the hall they come to a room and find some barrels of wine. Wandalove feels that something magic is hidden there and after some effort moving the barrels, they find a small statue of the god Corellon Larethian that gives a bonus to perform checks.

The room has an exit in the far left corner and the group continues. After some minutes they see a large round room with black tiles on the floor. In the middle of the room is a big black orb that emits the green light to the ceiling. In front of the orb is an altar and a dead drow wizard is lying in front of it. At the end of the room and to the total left and right side, there are small alcoves with each of them a pillar to the ceiling. The group loots the dead wizard and see the open book at the altar. In the book, most of the text is glowing with a blue light, only the last sentence is still dark. The title of the spell in the book says: “Summon Great Demon” After some discussion they come to the conclusion that there is no other way than to summon the demon, since they want to stop the green light. The group members take tactical positions and Wandalove starts to speak the first dark word. When she does a dark energy connects her to the black orb and she cannot stop speaking the words. In a matter of seconds a demon arises from the black orb and the green light stops immediately.

Babau, monster

Babau, a lesser demon

A big fight starts. Billy the closest and carrying most armor is the first target. Caelis is shooting from behind one of the pillars and performs sneak attacks. The Babau (Demon) hits Billy each round with sharp claws and a bite attack. He jumps around Billy and Narfonic to prevent being flanked. Narfonic and Wandalove have a hard time to hit the Demon even with the advantage of Jandaniël’s Bless spell and Wandalove her Inspire Courage song (see the Bard class description). Sarie performs his spider hand spell and tries to attack the Demon this way. Billy and Jandaniël are both hitting the Demon hard, and Jandaniël summoned a magical weapon to fight for him. The Demon however is still standing and fights back bravely, Billy lost almost all his hit-points and he now also starts to attack Jandaniël. Luckily in the next round the final blow comes and the demon shatters in an explosion of green light and disappears back to the land of the death.

The mission is over and the group returns to Waterdeep. On the road just after the cave they find dead soldiers and they identify them as the missing patrol from waterdeep. The rest of the journey is quite peaceful and they arrive in Waterdeep at last. They visit the city councel to collect their reward and to explain what happened and what they have seen. The city councel is pleased and pays five hundred gold pieces each. Jandaniël leaves to his church for training and will soon join the city Guard! The rest of the group goes to the mage guild to find Artharius and to identify some of the items they found.

End of this adventure!

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