Adventure 5: Time Magic

Adventure level: 2-4

Current group: Artharius, Billy, Dwell, Caelis, Jandaniel

Back at Waterdeep from previous adventure (Adventure 4), the group goes to the main market to sell and buy equipment. After the market they go to the guild of mages to see if someone is interested in the magic mirrors and glas pieces they found. Arriving at the guild, they meet Artharius. Artharius is blinking purple every few seconds and when not being purple he is invisible! This effect is due to the initiation ritual that Artharius had to do to join the Mage guild. He had to drink two random potions and the effects are visible. The cat Falathiel, the companion of Artharius has the same funny effect. After a bit of chatting and asking, the group meets a mage called Marut, a diviner that is very interested in the pieces magic glass. He wants to make glasses out of them that have a better detect magic ability.

The group goes to the famous tavern of Waterdeep: the Lion and the Unicorn. At the bar are Billy Boneeater and two other man. One of the man starts out of nothing shouting and cursing at Billy. Billy, like we know him, a barbarian with a great mood and a very big patience (not), understands immediately that the man wants to lie on the ground and Billy gives a fine blow with his right hand. A small hand fighting starts en in the chaos, a small figure sneaks out of the tavern. The man that was shouting at Billy (now with one blue and one brown eye) starts to run and escapes trough the door. Dwell figures out he has been stolen in the mean time, the magical mirrors are gone!

The group goes quickly to Marut to ask him if he can help them find the trails of the thieves. By using the magical glass pieces that have the same auro, Marut can locate where the mirrors should be. The signal leads to a storage place near the harbour. Artharius examines the building with the help of an invisibility spell and sees two man, sitting in the kitchen of the building.

The group tries first to let Billy talk as a money collector for charity to see if we get more information from the guys that are inside. This fails.. Than, the group decides to enter one of the empty looking 

Atom, Symbol of the Nexusrooms by a window. They try to do it very silently, but it creates a huge amount of noise when Dwell falls trough the window and lands inside the room. A wizard looking figure opens the door on the other side of the room and a fight is following. Dwell tries to hit the wizard with his Dwarven great axe, but the wizard changes in a kind of mirror and Dwell only hits himself! Artharius and Billy are then hit by shards from a spell from the wizard, and it looks like the fight is going wrong very fast! At that moment another wizard steps into the room from the door and fires a spell at the first wizard. The ‘bad’ wizard is slowly becoming transparent. Then the ‘bad’ wizard is suddenly gone (like teleportation). The wizard that entered last wears a blue robe and a pointy hat. On his rope is a symbol of an 

Atom (not that the group knows what an Atom is). The wizard is calles Alexandro and is a member of the Nexus police. The Nexus police is a group mages dedicated to guard time magic and everything that has to do with it. He explains that the black wizard Lothar is using time magic to become stronger and more influential. The Nexus is searching him for a while, and he was the wizard that just disappeared. The group decides to join Alexandro in his mission to stop Lothar, since he is probably the one that stole the mirrors.

Alexandro opens a curtain of stars and the group steps trough it. At the other side of the curtain the group notices it is still in Waterdeep. Though the surrounding look a lot different! The people in the streets wear different old fashioned looking cloths and there are almost no stone buildings. Alexandro explains that this is the Waterdeep of many years ago and that they just traveled to this time because Lothar is probably here. He warns the group that they cannot touch or change anything in this time, because it can has dramatical effects for the future. The group travels trough the old city and a square in front of a hostel they find Lothar. The group (or actually a part since Caelis and Jandaniel were in the tavern at the future Waterdeep, they did not join the first evening) is fighting heavily with Lothar. At that moment a curtain opens in front of Jandaniel, who is drinking beer in the pub, and he gets a strong suggestion to walk trough the curtain. He cannot withstand the suggestion and disappears in the curtain. Caelis, who doesn’t want to leave Jandaniel alone follows him. Both of them appear in front of the hostel where the rest of the group is fighting with Lothar (they were called by Alexandro).

Lothar, in the mean time, has charmed Dwell and Dwell starts fighting against his own friends. He stands eye to eye with Falathiel, the cat of Artharius and he misses the cat by an inch! Arharius, afraid that his companion will soon join the eternal hunting fields casts a spell that makes Falathiel change position with Billy, in the hope that Billy can subdue Dwell. The fight continues and the group gets massive damage by the spells of Lothar, after a while, Alexandro and Marut are unconscious and Jandaniel is floating in the air imprisoned by a pink balloon! Artharius decides to hover next to Jan with levitate to prevent Jandaniel from falling. At that moment everything becomes black and the group awakes in a temple.

They notice that they returned in their own time, but that many things have changed. The elven imperial fleet has taken Fearun because a lot of things went completely wrong. The elves have banished time magic completely and it is not allowed to cast magic anywhere in Fearun without the elves knowing. Billy and Dwell will be escorted soon to another sphere because they are half-orc and dwarf! The group enters the library to search anything they can find about Lothar and time magic. Alexandro is not with them anymore since the last fight but Marut is. The PC’s find a book that states how Lothar became more powerful and the imperial fleet decided to take action. By means of a riddle inside the book, the Temple of Ages is mentioned. In the riddle, some letters are uppercase and together they form a number in the Roman script. The group looks for the book with this number on the side and find only the previous and the next book next to each other. Artharius tries to move these book to the side to make space in between and the book appears!

On the moment the book is taken out of its position a swarm of books emerge from the shelves and gather above their heads and start attacking. The more close the group tries to go back to the entrance to escape, the faster the swarm of books start attacking the group. Jandaniel tries to put some books on fire and activates the “sprinkler” system of the library (magical water trap on detect fire). The librarian enters the room and is immediately attacked by books and falls down unconscious. The groups then get the idea to walk the opposite direction and after some meters the swarm stops the attacks. At last they can read the book. Another elf enters the room (a wizard) and protects himself from the books with a ward spell. He asks the group to explain what is going on here, and the group tells the story about Lothar and that they want to destroy him. The elf understands the situation and says that maybe they can help each other since the imperial fleet also wants this. A last bit of time magic is held prison in The Temple of Ages and might be the key to Lothar and Alexandro. The wizard let the group go and warns them they cannot use magic while in urban area because the elves will detect it directly. He teleports the group to a place close to Anauroch the great desert of Fearun where the temple should be close.

The group buys 7 camels, a few big tents and plenty of water and food supply and leave early the next morning. In the desert they encounter a sand monster, Falathiel delivers a shocking grasp spell to the monster (Artharius casts the spell by using Falathiel) and the monster is slain quickly. A while later they meet several warriors mounted on camels. They have to pay a toll to continue on the road. The group, aware that this should not be the case pays, because the warriors are too many. Some hours of traveling later they encounter a giant stone turtle. The turtle has tentacles, that emerge from his shield, that he uses to attack. After a hell of a fight, in which one of the camels died, Dwell decides to attack the eyes of the creature and this looks promising. After a few more blows of Dwell his great axe, the turtle dies. Jandaniel heals the other members of the group and they continue.

After some days of travel, they see mountains arise with a deep canyon in between. The group travels trough the canyon and they spot a bridge above them, that looks unnatural. Artharius goes up the mountain with his spider climb sandals, to investigate the bridge. The place seems safe and by means of levitate the group goes up, person by person. They make camp and the group enjoys a restful quiet night.

The next morning, the group goes to investigate the bridge, that seems clearly magical. Artharius summons a dog with summon monster, he order the dog to walk over the bridge. The poor dog walks straight to his death before he even reaches the other side. The group sees how the dog became older and older when continuing over the bridge. After some time and some experiments they find out that you can also walk at the bottom side of the bridge (upside down) by a reversed gravity plane. When you walk at the bottom side you become younger as you continue to the other side. By combining both up and down the group can travel to the other side without becoming to young or to old. Artharius gets four years younger just because he likes to. The PC’s find a stone door with symbols of clocks on it at the other side of the bridge. 

The clock symbols all give different times and below them there are wheels with numbers that can be turned. By putting the numbers at the correct position the door opens. (If a clock says 10.30 half past ten, then it means 15 (half of 10 = 5, 5+10=15).) The adventurers walk inside the Temple of Ages and see huge walls with a lot of different hourglasses that turn at different speeds. In a room of the Temple, the group encounters time worms emerging from the ceiling. The worms come down and what they touch is standing still in time for a small moment and gets a lot of damage. The group knows this because Artharius summoned an Ape this time to check it out, poor animal.. This trap seems to difficult to solve for the group and they choose to take another path.

After some walking they encounter a time trap that a priest looking person is locked in. The trap works with two clocks at the wall, if the right clock moves faster than the left clock, the time 15 feet ahead becomes more slow, if you make the right clock go more slow than the left one, the time after 15 feet goes faster and everything that passes the border between them explodes. They can quickly free the priest in the time trap, that was held there for many many years but he thinks it was only a few minutes. The group tries to configure the trap so that it doesn’t do damage anymore when you pass. While trying though Artharius gets so much damage he falls unconscious. After a while though it succeeds and the group can pass and Jandaniel heals Artharius.


The group enters a room where they meet Doctor Who. Behind this person a pillar can be seen where Alexandro is kept prison in a kind of magical cylinder. Doctor Who starts to fight the group, he is trowing time sand at them which makes them jump in time and/or space, the group deals a lot of damage to this Doctor and after some time the Doctor flees away from the group. The room where Alexandro is kept prison seems impenetrable, and the time within that space seems to go very slowly. The group investigates many possibilities in and outside the room but cannot find anything. Then they think that the hourglasses from the beginning might be controlling the time of different spaces. They search if one of the hourglasses is missing and indeed find an empty spot. They take an hourglass that turns approximately in their time out of its position and put it in the empty space. Because of this Alexandro can be freed. Artharius swaps Alexandro with a summoned male chicken to free him from the glass cage. They put the hourglass back in its original position (freezing the chicken in time).

Together with Alexandro, the group travels to the point right after the fight in Waterdeep to take down Lothar once and for all. After a difficult fight with Lothar that was very surprised to see them again, the group manages to kill him. They loot some interesting items, like a key of Secure Shelter which Artharius takes with him, some gold and shiny stones, that Tass loots, and the magical mirrors from the cloak of Lothar.

Mission complete!

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