Adventure 4: Temple of the Sun

Adventure level: 2-4

Current group: Tas, Melandrach, Billy, Jandaniël, Dwell, Caelis

The adventure starts in Waterdeep. With the recent death of the Priest Damsel, the group is mourning and sad. They discuss whether or not Damsel should be revived, but decide that Damsel would not want this since it is not natural. They bring his body to the temple of Pelor where his remains will be burned in a ritual at noon. In the tavern the Lion and the Unicorn, the group meets a young Priest of Lathandar named Jandaniël. The PC’s start talking and Jandaniël that would love to join the city guard one day, decides to join the group for now to get some experience.

When the group goes to the city counsel to collect their reward from previous mission, the group is given a new assignment to visit the moon-elves. The moon-elves in the high forest have  a problem, but it is not certain yet what this is.

On different random positions around the moon-elf territory, fires starts out of nothing. At the moment these forest fires start, a bright star can be seen from the north east, in a position no star was visible before. The elves are also in battle with lizardfolk, the lizards become more aggressive every day.

After a walk from Waterdeep and an escort by a moon-elf archer detachment trough the high forest, the party arrives at the main base of the moon-elves. After a long discussion with the leader of the moon elves, the PC’s decide to figure out the problem with the fires and solve it for the moon-elves. As a reward for completing this mission sucessfully, each player gets one item (+1 mace for Jandaniël, +1 arraws for Dwell and Billy, ring of jump for Tass, ring of calm animals for Melandrach). These items can be collected after the mission.

The elves think the light comes from the mountains in the north, close to the forest. The party travels to the location the star is seen and after cleverly maneuvering through some lizard-folk war zones, they come out of the forest and see a small campfire a few yards away. The group decides to investigate this camp and they run into the wizard of Troubon (see Adventure 3) . The wizard with some sell-swords did not expect the group and the group manages this time to bring justice and kill the wizard and his man. Via clever role-playing, Tass manages to get most of the gold the wizard was carrying.

The group continues and a while later, they encounter a small village at the foot of the mountains. At the moment they arrive, the hostel of the village is on fire and everybody is trying to get the fire under control. The PC’s investigate the burning hostel and find out with detect live, that one person is still inside the building. Dwell makes a hole in the wall of the back side of the building and the PC’s rescue a man from one of the rooms. The major of the village is very thankful and offers the group his house to sleep. He also summons one of the huntsman of the town to help the group the first part up the mountain.

The next day, Billy goes hunting with the hunter, though the only thing he hits is a tree in an poor attempt to shoot a deer. The group continues up the mountains and the hunter leaves the group at some point since he doesn’t know these parts of the mountains. The PC´s arrive in more open terrain and see further on two big building like structures, covered with green plants. To go to the buildings they have to cross a river with a rope bridge. The bridge is sabotaged and the ropes are partly cut. After some acrobatic movements the group manages to cross the river safely.

Cover stone entranceOn the other side of the river it becomes quickly clear that the light (star) comes from one of the temples, though it is not clear which of the temples produce it. Beside the temples, two big group of lizardfolk are gathered around camp fires. After a ling and tough fight, the PC’s manage to deal with both the groups and are ready to enter the temples.

On the ground between the buildings, they find a big grey covering stone surrounded by 4 statues. There is a riddle written on the stone and the statues can turn with handles. After solving the riddle, the stone slides away and stairs become visible. The group enters the underground location and once they reach the bottom of the stairs, the stone immediately closes behind them. Everything is dark at that moment, only two small light bundles can be seen. By mirroring the small light bundles at the correct positions to the door in front of them (Dwell could see the door with night vision), the group manages to open the door and advance in the temples. The hallway splits up to the left and the right, the group advances to the left direction and enters the underground level of the first temple. They find a book about the history about the temples of the Sun and the lizard-folk, that where once a very civilized nation. After a bit of exploring the halls and rooms they come to a hallway with a gelatinous cube in the middle. When they attack the cube, it appears that with every damage that they deal the cube becomes bigger. The PC’s come to the conclusion they have to heal the cube instead, and after some heal spells and potions they manage to make the cube small enough to fit a big iron pot on it and step over the cube.

Arriving at the top, they enter a room with big black crystal balls on solid stone pillars. In the balls it looks like a light is shining from within. A few big skeletons are guarding the Temple of the sunroom, and they have a touch time to defeat them. They discover that the balls can be transported via a kind of slide that can be accessed by a secret panel in the floor. They trow one of the balls in the slide and hear that is becomes stuck after a while. Billy has to cut a lot of the stone walls to make sure that the ball can reach the end of the slide.

They take the ball with them to the other temple and have to solve a transportation floor puzzle to enter the next level. Whenever they step on a tile on the floor they are transported to another one. After a lot of trying they figure out how to walk to come before the stairs on the other side of the room. Just before the top floor they find a captured half-ling in a room, chained on the wall. They free the half-ling that is named Caelis. Caelis decides to join the adventurers in their mission to defeat the lizard-folk.

At the top of the temple, they enter a room, completely covered with magic mirrors. At the end of the room there is a big metal device with mirrors, glasses and in the middle another big crystal ball. The device is guarded by 4 lizard fighters and from behind the device 8 lizard-folk with mirror cloaks appear as well. After a dancing fight with the mirror images and the druid lizard, the group manages to kill all of them and disables the device by removing the mirrors and glasses. The device was used to save sunlight into the balls and let it shine in the night or as a laser beam to protect the environment.

Mission accomplished! They return to the elves and Waterdeep to collect their rewards.


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