Adventure 3: The salesman

Island Map

Adventure level: 2-3

Current group: Melandrach, Artharius, Damsel, Billy, Dwell

The group starts this adventure in the capital Waterdeep, city of Splendors. In the city there are rumors of multiple thefts the last time. No valuables are stolen only building materials like wood and stone. The PC’s decide to investigate this problem and they make a list of the stolen goods and their owners. Quickly it becomes clear, that the goods were stolen with the help of some kind of teleportation magic.

The thieves guild looks to be innocent this time. The group followed a tradesman that might have to do with the thefts and when they reached the trade district of Waterdeep, the group was ambushed by the thieves guild, who tried to ambush the tradesman instead. A misfortuned event in which Artharius is captured by the thieves guild and the group needs to do a lot of work and talking to get him free again. After extensive research and watching wich goods enter and leave the harbor, the information guided the party to an Island in the south.

Island Map

Arriving to this Island, the PC’s see a quit big encampment with a big wooden cage construction with a lot of slaves locked up inside. With sneak attacks, the group tries to weaken the enemy and put some of the buildings on the island to the torch. At some point though, multiple warriors and wizards detect the group and after a big fight most of the group is captured and bound. Only Melandrach manages to escape.

Melandrach travels back to Waterdeep and hires a group of adventurers to free us and kill the enemy. After another big fight, most of the enemies in the Island are dead and we are rescued. The remaining enemies are defeated soon and the group free the slaves from the wooden cage. Via rafts on the water they take the slaves in groups to the other side of the water and with the complete group with them they travel to Waterdeep to warn the citywatch. A few of the PC’s go in ahead of the group. After delivering the slaves to the city, the group heads for the trade district and specifically to the building of Troubon (the enemy salesman that is responsible for all this). The group finds his warehouse deserted, but after some searching they find trails that lead to a secret door at the ground of the warehouse. The door leads to a secret path that goes all the way under the city till beyond the city wall. At some point in the hall there is a magical door that is sealed. After solving a puzzle on the door the keyhole becomes visible, though we donot have the key. Dwell smashes the door with his magical dwarven war-axe and the door finally opens. Outside the group finds troubon and his wizard (Destructa) at a campfire near the woods. A massive fight emerges and the group manages to kill Troubon, unfortunately the wizard shoots a huge ball of lichtning that strucks Damsel, and Damsel dies. The wizard manages to escape the fight before he could be brought to justice. The citywatch is thankfull for the deeds the group did and they get a nice reward.

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