Adventure 2: Cacoa

Adventure level: 1-2

Group:  Artharius, Melandrach, Tas, Billy, Dwell and Damsel

This adventure starts in Barrow’s edge, a village close to Waterdeep.  Artharius, Melandrach, Tas, Dwell and Damsel enter an armor shop to sell some of their gathered treasures and meet Billy Bonecrusher. After a short conversation the half-orc barbarian Billy decides to join the group of adventurers for treasure and glory.

In the next shop, the PC’s meet an odd dressed wizard. After talking to the wizard, it seems he has an interesting errand for the group. The party has to retrieve a rare powder. The wizard will teleport the group to the location to get the powder and after retrieval the group can return. The wizard teaches Artharius permanently the spell Comprehend Languages (2x per day).

Cocoa-powderAfter agreeing, the group is teleported and arrive in a very impressive warm rainforest-like environment. On the map the group received from the wizard, it can be seen that they didn’t arrive at the location they had to. Something went wrong with the teleportation spell, and the PC’s do not know where to go. After a while of exploring and reasoning about the position of the sun we try to climb a large tree to get an overview of the area. Far away they see a flock of birds and think it might be a lake. The group decides to go to this position.

After a while of walking trough the wild, the group encounters an odd man with a bird mask on his head and a robe full of feathers. The man is namen Toepack and is a kind of wizard (druid). The man seems to be not fully controlling his spellpower, at the meeting he accidentaly made a tree pink! He found out that the magic in this area is not working like expacted and he is lost as well. After a long walk (the Druid walks with the group), the party finds several ruins (inka temples).


In the ruins, Damsel finds a lamp, by activating the lamp a spirit appears and tells the group it wants to be freed. It gives Damsel an awesome shield of healing when Damsel prommises he will destroy the lamp and free the genie. After stairs and hallways, the party comes to a sarcofagos. They open the thomb and a Lich comes out. The wrath mind controlls Dwell and the group has a touch fight with the Lich, Dwell and some stone statues that came to life. After some spells from Artharius, the wrath becomes transparent and hovers trough the walls and escapes.

The group continues traveling and finally finds a city and the base of a vulcano. The group meets a wizard just outside of the city that tells them, the released wrath has to be destroyed because it is very dangerous and will attack the city with undead armies if they do nothing. They follow the rumors and trails the Lich makes and after a fierce battle with many skeletons and the wrath itself the party succeeds in destroying the wrath once and for all.

Damsel decides to trow the lamp into the vulcano next to the city, hoping it will free the genie. And indeed this succeeds. The wizard in the city thanks the party for defeating the wrath and gives them the cacoa powder they needed. The wizard teleports the PC’s back to Barrow’s edge and the adventure is at its end.

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