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Waterdeep symbolThis webpage is dedicated to a group of adventurers called: Waterdeep’s faith. Here you can find the adventures the group have experienced, the monsters they encountered and the locations and people they met. Feel free to browse the content of this website, use any ideas, content or texts into your own adventures or make suggestions by contacting us. The D&D group plays in the Forgotten realms setting on the continent Fearun.

The website is based of posts, categorised in the categories: monsters, locations, adventures and races. Further more it has search features to search the entire D&D 3.5 database with spells, monsters and much more. Feel free to browse trough it and use anything you like.



The following adventures have been played so far.

  1. Goblins and the Dragon

  2. Cacoa Powder

  3. The Salesman

  4. Temple of the Sun

  5. The Temple of Ages

  6. The Green Light


Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 open game database:

You can search the entire D&D 3.5 game database, like spells, equipment, monsters and much more! Check it out here!

The group:

Waterdeep’s Faith currently exists of 7 characters:


  • Billy Bonecrusher (half orc barbarian)
  • Caelis (elf roque)
  • Narfonic (human warrior)
  • Jandaniel (elf priest)
  • Sarie (elf druid)

The following characters are either dead, inactive or abandoned:

  • Artharius¬†(elf wizard)
  • Wandalove¬†Windsailor¬†(half-elf bard)
  • Damsel (elf priest) (died in adventure 3)
  • Dwell (dwarf fighter)
  • Tass (half-ling roque)
  • Bottle Beerbrewer (half-orc fighter)
  • Melandrach (half elf monk)

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